How EOM will make your business easier?

Get Insight Into Your Business

EOM allows also a better management. With intuitive pre-defined reports presenting data in clear graphs, you can easily get an insight into your business and manage it effectively. All you need to do is to select as timeframe on which report must be generated! Reports include for instance the below features that:

  • KPIs & Targets
  • Monthly Turnover Evolution
  • Operating Profit Break Down
  • Cost & Turnover Repartition
  • Customer Acquisition

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

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  • Basic Features
  • 1 User


  • Basic Features
  • 4 Users
  • User Management

Tailor Made

  • Basic Features
  • Up to Unlimited Users
  • User Management
  • Custom Modules

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All About Easy Online Management

EOM is a suite of integrated modules aimed at easing the day-to-day business of small companies as well as improving their management capabilities. Therefore, the software provides customers with several tools such as customer management, invoicing, agenda or inventory management system.

Besides those modules common to all companies, we provide tailor-made modules that fit the specific needs of every company, which makes every software unique. Finally, reporting modules have been integrated into the suite in order to provide user with managerial and analytical view of their business.

Thanks to being an online solution, EOM is ready to use on most of devices and ensures you a quality of service without any installation or training needed. In conclusion, the EOM suite provides small companies with efficient IT system that will help them focus on their business.